HTU has built its strategy for the technical education to be uniquely positioned to respond fully to the employer needs. Programs are designed to be a show case for learning by doing and to help students acquire knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to succeed in the workplace.

HTU offers the following degree programs at the Technician, Technical, and Bachelor Levels:

1- Mechanical Engineering.
2-Electrical Engineering.
3-Energy Engineering.
4-Civil Engineering.
5-Architectural Engineering.
6-Computer Science.
7-Information Sciences.

Technician Degree:

One and a half year studying in campus and 6 months’ apprenticeship in industry

Technical Degree:

Two years studying in campus and one-year apprenticeship

Bachelor Degree:

Three years studying in campus and one-year apprenticeship in industry

Holders of the Bachelor Degree will have developed a sound understanding of the principles in their specialization, and will have learned how to apply those principles more widely. The aspiration of graduates is motivated to fit in the production line and be part of the innovation of the work places well as to progress into the higher education system locally and internationally.

Programs’ outcomes combine Transferable Employability Skills and Academic Study Skills. The students need such skills to enhance their career prospects and contribute to their personal development.