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Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a solid undergraduate program that emphasizes the fundamentals of electrical engineering and enables graduates to enter the workforce with confidence. The department’s focus areas include communications, electronics, control, power, data science, and electromagnetism. The offered program stresses the integration between electrical engineering and computer science.

We offer an undergraduate curriculum that leads to a technician certificate, a technical engineering degree, or a Bachelor of Science degree, all in electrical engineering. Pearson’s Higher National Certificate (HNC) vocational qualification forms an essential component of the offered certificate and degrees. In addition, Pearson’s Higher National Diploma (HND) vocational qualification forms an essential component of the offered degrees.

The offered program equips our graduates with excellent research and design skills through our research and capstone project courses. It also provides them with an excellent industrial experience through our eighteen-credit hour apprenticeship course.

Our mission is to provide quality education and perform research in the areas of electrical engineering to enhance the competitiveness of our graduates and contribute to economic, scientific, and social development.


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Our Faculty Members

  • Prof. Lutfi Al-Sharif


  • Prof. Tarek A. Tutunji


  • Dr. Mohammad Abdel-Rahman

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. Moussa Habib

    Associate Professor

  • Dr. Emad AbdelSalam

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Muhannad Al-Tarifi

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. AbdelRahman Al-Attili

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Murad Yaghi

    Assistant Professor

  • Eng. Nadia AlSa'd

  • Eng. Rasha Shaheen

  • Eng. Atheer Al-Shaggah

  • Eng. Heba Jaradat

  • Eng. Zaid Haymoor

  • Eng. Mohammad Al-Fayyad

  • Eng. Tahani Ghobon

  • Eng. Dima Bader