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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The Information Sciences program is the study of the characteristics and behaviour of information, the factors governing its flow and the means of processing it to facilitate the maximum utilization of information. It includes the activities of processing, broadcasting, assembling, organizing, storing, retrieving, interpreting and using information. HTU offers students current high demand technology topics, including big data analysis, cyber defence, digital forensics, artificial intelligence and data communication and networking. HTU provides both classroom experience as well as practical experience through internship opportunities, industrial partnership and high tech in-campus labs. The curriculum is flexible enough to cope with the pace of evolving technology, allowing the fulfilment of global industrial demand.

The program aims to provide students with basic and advanced knowledge and practical experience in the field of computer information science, which includes knowledge of data collection, storage, management, retrieval, analysis, understanding of its structure and use, in addition to focusing on the emerging labor market requirements in the field of a huge data, artificial intelligence and data systems design, and transferred.

Job Roles

Technical Degree Graduates:

Systems Analyst
Systems Tester
Database Administrator
Vulnerability Assessor
IT Project Manager
IT Support Technician

Data Analyst
Business Analyst
Marketing Analyst
Data Engineer
Fraud Analyst
Robotics Engineer

Vulnerability Analyst
Ethical Hacker
Software Developer
Fraud Analyst
Online Reputation Manager
Data Scientist


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Our Faculty Members

  • Dr. Hussam Faris


  • Dr. Rami Al-Ouran


  • Dr. Raneem Qadoura

    Assistant Professor

  • Eng. Lina Hammad

  • Eng. Wasayef Ananzeh