In response to the Prime Ministry’s ordinances and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Al Hussein Technical University campus is now closed. However, HTU Schools, programs, and administrative functions remain operational using technology tools that enable distance learning and work.
To ensure the continuity of our teaching and learning mission, as of Sunday March 15, 2020 all HTU’s schools and programs have migrated towards distance learning. To date, 369 classes and 36 upskilling courses were successfully transitioned, with a range of 85-95% student attendance rate.
To extend support to the wider learner base,through this page, HTU is publishing recorded lecture sessions to the public for the benefit of all students around Jordan.
We will continue to update the University community to keep everyone informed. Our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of the community.
We appreciate our students’ understanding and willingness to adapt to remote learning. As of March 17, all classes and courses are available except for Workshops.
HTU leadership and Schools are here to support you with any personal, logistical, or financial challenges to these measures.
If you have any questions related to your coursework or academics, please do not hesitate to write to your Dean or Head of Department.
• School of Engineering Technology - Email Here
• School of Construction Technology and the Built Environment - Email Here
• School of Computing and Informatics - Email Here
• School of Social and Basic Sciences - Email Here
• Deanship of Student Affairs - Email Here
For questions related to University administration, please find the list of contacts below:
• ICT Center - Email Here
• Registration and Quality Assurance - Email Here
• Scholarships and Financial Aid - Email Here
• Finance Department - Email Here
• Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence - Email Here
• Apprenticeships and Industry Links - Email Here
• ICT Upskilling and Khidmet Watan Programs - Email Here
• Professional Development Programs - Email Here

Attendance, Assignments, and Assessments

We recognize the challenges of adjusting to online classes, however, it is important that the quality of your learning remains at the highest possible level. The Learning Management System enables enable instructors to mark attendance, give you time-bound assignments, and review your work.
Meanwhile, faculties and departments are developing plans for alternative method of assessment.

Financial Matters

Students receiving monthly allowance as part of their scholarship award or transportation allowance as part of the Upskilling or Khidmet Watan programs will be contacted by the relevant administrative function inorder to find suitable solutions to that enable the University to electronically transfer the funds.
Student hardship funding
Students who find themselves in financial need to cover additional expenses related to internet connectivity can contact the Deanship of Student Affairs.
For issues pertaining to your scholarship continuity, please contact Councils Affairs.

Lecture Library

To help minimize the effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on learners. HTU is sharing these lectures publicly available. Click on one of the videos below to start watching.
Topics cover languages, soft skills, basic sciences, engineering, construction technology, and ICT.Visit our page regularly, as we are constantly updating the content.
To view all the videos click here to visit HTU’s Educational Channel on YouTube

HTU Educational Channel

HTU Distance Learning Classes

Moodle and Microsoft Teams are the foundation for most of the courses.
To access these services, use your HTU email
Studying from home can have its advantages, most importantly, it will reduce the time and cost associated with commutation. We encourage our students to use this time to engage in their studies and seek additional courses and certifications.

Through the University’s Moodle platform, you can access:
To enrol free of charge in any of these academies, please write to
There are also numerous websites where you can audit courses (free of charge) or get certified (for a fee), such as:

HTU appreciates the creativity and resourcefulness of faculty as courses transitioned to online learning.
The faculty have also found innovative ways to collaborate as peers and deliver engaging learning experiences. Below are some tools that the HTU faculty community have found useful:

You can also find links from global references, which we found useful on online pedagogy:

• Harvard University: Best Practices – Online Pedagogy
• Stanford University – Ten Best Practices for Teaching Online
• Johns Hopkins University: How to adapt courses for online learning – A practical guide for faculty
• University World News – How to make the switch to online teaching more effective
• Problems of Distance Education – Online Pedagogy
All University departments are operational as all faculty and staff are working from home.
University leadership, faculty, and staff are conducting business as usual to their best effort.
You can review below samples of collaborative work among the HTU faculty and staff:

School of Engineering Technology:

Meeting memorandum 1
Meeting memorandum 2
Meeting memorandum 3
Meeting memorandum 4
Meeting memorandum 5
Meeting memorandum 6

School of Computing and Informatics:

Meeting memorandum 1
Meeting memorandum 2

School of Construction Technology & Built Environment:

Meeting memorandum 1

Suggested ways to enhance distance learning education

School of Computing and Informatics Dean suggestions

Guidelines to Instructors on Distance Learning Based on Feedback Received from the Students



HTU Distance Learning Latest News

March 19, 2020 Ammon News

الحسين التقنية مستمرة ببرامج التدريس والتدريب بكفاءة كاملة

* خريجو تخصصات الحاسوب يزاولون تدريبهم عن بعد في جامعة الحسين التقنية باستخدام أحدث التقنيات

هل نجحت جامعة الحسين التقنية في مواجهة الأزمة؟
March 20, 2020 الدستور

في ظلِّ أزمةٍ اجتاحت العالم وأدّت إلى تعطيل معظم مؤسسات الدولة ظهر دور التكنولوجيا الحديثة جليًّا في الحفاظ على استمرارية العمليّة التعليمية

إقرأ المزيد