Welcome to the School of Construction Technology and Built Environment (SCTBE) at Al-Hussein Technical University. Whether you are an existing or a new student, faculty member, researcher, industry partner or just a curious visitor, SCTBE is an exciting place to be because it provides an academic and professional environment that encourages the development of a multitude of gifts and talents. Such an environment allows deep intellectual discussions with the students and thoroughly mentor them to improve their performance and to help them lead a well-balanced life.

SCTBE aims to prepare students as professional, self-reflecting individuals who are able to meet demands of employers in the construction industry and the built environment sectors and to adapt to a constantly changing world. By studying Architectural / Civil Engineering at HTU, you will be involved in realistic projects from design stage to construction and competition. You will gain extensive knowledge of design processes, construction methods, environments, materials and the latest technologies as well as other skills and attitudes needed in the professional life. You will be able to initiate projects, make decisions in complex contexts, identify viable solutions to problems, prepare research proposal within a vocational context and apply the knowledge and practical skills you learned in the workplace.

As an architectural / civil engineer, you will work in a fast-moving, challenging and rewarding profession. You will be the technical member of the design and/or construction team, making sure that designs are buildable, durable, sustainable, economical and easy to maintain.

Dr. Yasser Rajjal