Deanship of Students Affairs

The Deanship of Students Affairs (DSA) supports students in pursuit of their educational goals. We work with students to enrich their experience and prepare them to act as responsible citizens while fostering intellectual

Central to our success is a commitment to cultivating deep, meaningful experiences and one-to-one relationships with our students. We build and maintain collaborative

DSA Mission

The DSA advances HTU’s mission and core values by providing student-centered services and co-curricular activities. We are focused on promoting holistic student experiences, challenging students to reach their full potential, and enabling them to become actively engaged in their local community.
The DSA seeks to inspire and support students to engage in a transformative university experience that nurtures their perception of self, our local community, and the larger global milieu.
• Uphold and Promote Responsive Citizenship and Responsible Leadership

• Cultivate a Culture of Accountability, Diligence, and Academic Achievement

• Create a Culture of Honesty, Ethical Morality, and Trustworthiness

• Honor Compassion and Respect Dignity of All Humanity



Students Handbook